Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Come on a Mission?

To be completely honest I never had the desire to serve a mission. From the Time I was in 6 grade I wanted to go to College study Nursing, work in a Hospital, find "Prince Charming", and then start my own family.  Those were my Plans and as we all know if you want to hear God laugh just tell him your plans. So as a Sophomore in High School I was able to get my patriarchal blessing. I was told during that blessing that I would have the opportunity to serve and would serve a mission. I remember thinking No Heavenly Father I don't want to serve a mission.
 Shortly after graduating form High School nothing felt right. I wanted to go to college and study but it just felt wrong. I decided that working and saving some money would be the smart thing to do. Later that year some trials come up in work and while talking to my Father one day he posed a simple question. "What do you want to do with your life?" Before I could even think I heard myself say "I want to serve a mission."

I couldn't believe what just came out of my mouth, since the day I told my Heavenly Father I wouldn't serve it hadn't even crossed my mind. In the coming weeks and months as I prayed to know if it was right it just was confirmed that I should go.

Even as I walked away form my Parents at the Airport I knew I should come, though I didn't know why. I knew I would miss my Family so much but I knew that as I took that leap of Faith and Trusted in the Lord I would be blessed.

My testimony has grown and I know that the Lord is there and watching over me daily. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve a mission. I'm grateful that I get to bear my testimony daily. I know the church is true. I know the Lord knows whats best for us. As we trust in him and he will direct us on our daily paths. I'm grateful for the gospel.

That is why I'm I came on my mission to share this amazing Gospel with others so they could experience the Joy and Happiness the gospel brings.


  1. You've got guts, woman! My hat's off to you.

  2. Cool story girl! And a job well done!

  3. It's weird how plans are changed, and lives are changed in the process. Good experiences are never planned, they just happen. J.M.